What happens when celebrities announce their sexuality?

Sexuality is always the most controversial and concerned topic in our society, especially in the world of famous people. Many stars were really brave as they announced their sexuality. They were able to be gays, lesbians or bisexual people but they dared to live with their real sexuality.


Lady Gaga


After finishing her famous album “The Fame”, Lady Gaga said that “Porker Pace” is a song saying about her real sex. She wants to protect gays’ right through her music.

Lady Gaga admits being bi-sexual. Her parents want her get marriage with a man while Lady gaga is afraid that she will fall in love with a woman.



Anna Paquin


In 1st April 2010, True Blood star Anna Paquin appeared in “Give a Damn campaign”, started by Lauper’s True Colors Fund which fights for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender rights.

Anna Paquin announced that she’s bisexual


Sean Hayes


‘Will & Grace’s’ Sean Hayes finally confirmed he is gay in an interview with the Advocate in March 2010.


He felt that he contributed to the success of gay movement in US and he was ready to face the world.


Ricky Martin


Ricky Martin announced in an emotional post on his Web site on March 29, 2010 that he is a ‘fortunate homosexual man,’ confirming he is gay for the first time.


Even he may lose everything which he has built, this is first time Ricky lives with himself. “I am very blessed to be who I am.”




Adam Lambert


Many sources said that his sex trouble is reason for Adam Lambert’s failure at American Idol.


With his appearance on Rolling Stone‘s cover in June 2009, Adam revealed that he was proud of being gay because it was his life.



Ellen DeGeneres


As one of most favorite MC in US, Ellen DeGeneres faced many difficulties when she said she was lesbian. Among them, her famous talk show “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” had to stop about 6 years.

Actress Portia de Rossiand Ellen married in August 2008


Lance Bass


Bass is reportedly announcing that he is gay in an exclusive interview with People magazine. He said that he kept his sexuality a secret to protect his band’s fame and career.


Bass reported that he was not ashamed but more liberated and happy than he had been his whole life.


Neil Patrick Harris


“How I met your mother” star Neil Patrick Harris has published his relationship with David Burtka.


Like other gays, Neil was happy and proud of himself. “I am a very content gay man living my life to the fullest and feel most fortunate to be working with wonderful people in the business I love”




In spite of getting marriage with handsome actor Josh Duhamel, Fergie has confessed to having a series of lesbian relationships.


Fergie failed in finding a faithful lesbian. Her marriage with a man makes her life’s feel real meaning.



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