What Can I Do To Relieve Back Pain?
What Can I Do To Relieve Back Pain The stress that you feel is normal, if you have been feeling back pain for quite some time now. Your life has been put on hold and you may be asking “What can I do to relieve back pain?” For many, back pain comes as a result of an injury or when moving your back in a way that you are not used to. Or it could be caused by a deeper problem such as disease and may need surgery. Family history and your genes may make you prone to back pain. What ever your case may be, you will be asking, “What can I do to relieve back pain?” back painYour back pain or injury could have come from many things. Maybe you accidentally pulled a muscle while playing sports and you were not warmed up properly. Even something as small as a sneeze could have caused triggered the injury and pain. Or perhaps a fall caused the pain. Whatever caused it, you may be able to handle the pain without having to see a doctor. However if you are concerned or have doubts, then by all means, you should see one. On your own, you could use an ice pack on your back for 72 hours. On the first day, use the ice pack for ten minutes of each hour. The next couple of days, you should use it for 3 times a day. After the third day, you should switch to a heating pad. If your pain is caused by a pulled muscle, give your back a chance to rest. Lay facing up on the floor, with a pillow beneath your head and elevate your feet. You can either elevate your feet with a chair or use a pillow as elevation for your feet. Take ibuprofen using the recommended dosage that is on the label.If you are still in pain after 4 days, then you should see a doctor. There are things you can do to relieve back pain that will prevent further injuries. One thing to be sure of is wearing the right shoes will help. They should be comfortable shoes with a low heel. If you need to stand for a long period of time, try to rest your foot on a stool while working. When you sit down make sure you are sitting with the correct posture and you could also rest your feet on a step stool or chair while you are sitting. At work, make sure your computer monitor is at a comfortable level so that your back won’t be hunched over. “What can I do to relieve back pain?” There is a simple answer. Find the cause and fix it!

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