Viticulture Advice… viti… what?

In this short article I am going to give you some tips that you can use to help you grow some delicious looking grapes.

If you are just beginning I recommend you find a good book or maybe spend time online researching just like you are doing, to get some knowledge on how to effectively grow grapes. There are a lot of sneaky tricks out there, so a few minutes of your time could really improve your overall success.

5 Growing Grape Tips:

Tip 1: Choosing the right type of vines to plant is an essential skill you have to master. You can have all the skills at your disposal but if you make the tiny mistake of planting the wrong vines for your soil and climatic conditions, you are screwed. Ask around and see what’s working for other people.

Tip 2: When planting your vines, ensure you plant them as fast as possible after purchasing them. You don’t want to deprive them from the essential minerals and nutrients that the earth provides. Plant them in a provisory place if you can’t plant them right away.

Tip 3: Plants are like humans, they have diseases too, so you better learn informationspot symptoms of anything that might make all of your work go down the toilet. A good way to keep a track of the health of your plantation is to examine the leaves. The leaves will tell you if the vine is healthy or in danger.

Tip 4: To allow your vines to grow strong and healthy you should space them apart by 8 to 10 feet. This will ensure that they do not steal each other’s nutrients and will help you’ve a strong plantation developed to its maximum. Vines also have deep and wide routes so you really need to space them out a bit.

Tip 5: Vines have a love-hate relationship with water. They need it to survive but they hate terrain that looks like a lake. If you want to be successful in viniculture, you need a terrain that drains quickly. You can easily achieve that by amending the soil prior to planting the vines. It will make it easier for the vines to develop their first strong routes and it will also make the soil drain the water rapidly as you need.

I hope you enjoyed this informative article and that you put it to good use. Keep in mind that growing grapes is a beautiful lifetime hobby and that you need to persist at it until you achieve the success you want. If you’re persistent enough there’s no way you can fail. It is those who persist that collect the fruits of life.

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