Mindful Activities For Mental Focus and Relaxation
When life gets to that point where you feel like you are walking on eggshells, you feel sick andd tired and can’t take one more day. It is time to use your learned coping skills, and maybe a vacation!. If you feel mentally “fuzzy” and are eating ok, first see your doctor, in the meantime here are some minfullness skill to try,br>
Try These Mindful Activities
It’s during the middle of the workday and you’re tired. The day has been overwhelming, stressful and nothing seems to be going quite right. On these types of days, you could grab another coffee or tune-out and become not as productive. Or, one thing you could do to be more relaxed and calm is try a mindfulness activity to refocus and reenergize by trying out one of these methods below:

The Raisin Technique
The first thing you want to do is stop. Take a deep breath all the way into your belly, hold, and release very slowly. If you happen to have a raisin (yes, a shriveled-up piece of fruit), place it in the center of the palm of your hand. What color is it? What shape is it? What size is it? Notice the details of the little ridges and keep coming up with specifics. What does it feel like in my hand? The purpose of this exercise is to bring your attention to the present moment and away from the stressful thoughts you may be having. If you have any thoughts, simply let them pass without judgement. Focus on the details of the raisin for 10 minutes then take another deep cleansing breath.

Noticing and Watching Your Breath
Another way to bring yourself into the present moment is to observe your breathing. Feel your breath entering your nostrils- what does it feel like hitting the tips of your nose? Observe the air going all the way down into your chest and lungs. Note how it makes your chest rise and feel full. Next, when you release feel the warm air coming out of your nose as it leaves your body and repeat several times.

The Body Scan
Now that you have observed a raisin and your breath, it’s time to observe every inch of your body. Bringing your attention and awareness to each part brings relaxation and you into the present moment. Start with your left big toe. What does it feel? Can you feel your socks and shoes? Move onto the next toe until you’ve completed them all and slowly work your way up to each section of your leg, then onto your other leg. As you work your way up your body, release any stress or tension that specific area may be having. The key here is to take your time, be descriptive in the sensations you are feeling and feel each part of your body.

These a activities help bring down stress and lift your spirits. They are great for refocusing and making you and your day more productive.

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