The world of Reiki

In this corporate world and hectic lifestyle, we hardly have any time to sit back and relax. Yes, we have money, power, position, family, travel plans and so on. But most of us do feel something is missing. Yes, there are some things left in the world that money cannot buy and that is the most difficult and important part of our life – connection with our heart and soul. We have everything in the world except for the inner peace and solitude that is pivotal. People take up meditation, yoga, travel in Himalayas and so on to feel connected to their inner heart and soul. Reiki is also one such way. The system and practice of Reiki helps you find the path to get connected to your inner self, be at peace with your soul and ultimately feel content and happy.

Reiki is basically the transfer of heat and energy from one body to another. It is an Eastern world practice and science which states that there is more than enough energy present in the universe. Utilization of this energy for healing purposes is the crux of Reiki. It is a natural healing technique whereby the person can treat himself or somebody else also through mere touches and not using any substance or material! All that is required is for the Reiki master to place his hands on the patient`s body and allow all the positive energies to flow from the Universe into the patients body. His hands act as a medium. A person can learn the science behind Reiki and get attuned to the energy flow and chakras of a body so that he can heal himself or even help others. There are mainly three levels of Reiki and a person can learn all of those:

First level – The student gets attuned to the energy cycles and the main reason behind this level is to teach the student to heal himself. The experts will teach you to channelize the energy flow in the right way through your body by just placing your palms in the right way. Reiki leads to a greater sense of balance between yourself and the Universe. Second level – it is mainly for people who not just want to heal themselves but want to heal others. It is also called Distance Reiki. In this, the person is taught to heal others by physical touch and also heal others if they are geographically far away from you. A person sitting in New York can heal a person sitting in the San Fransisco Bay Area through rhythmic energy transfers. Third level or the Masters level – In order to teach Reiki, one needs to be attuned completely and should ideally have years of practice. It is a massive commitment because it becomes your duty to teach others correctly and in a scientific manner. When a person receives Reiki or gives it, they experience various things because all of a sudden there is either an inflow or outflow of energy! People usually experience calmness, peacefulness and happiness after receiving Reiki. In fact ailments like body aches, migraines, depression, mood swings and insomnia are cured over a period of time by Reiki Masters. The best part is it has no side effects and the benefits are one a many! It does not cost much and uses all natural god given resources! What better way to connect with your mind, body and soul than using these universal natural energy flows?

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