The Secret to Relationships

What is the secret to relationships? If somebody really knew, they would have made a fortune out of it. There are several ways to reinforce your relationship and help it to see you through most of your two lives. They are basic common sense for the most part, perhaps reminders of how you behaved when your relationship began and none of them are secrets.

1. You should not just say you love your partner but show them you really do; and often. Where you don’t feel truly in love and you don’t like saying your in love with your partner, you probably have a serious relationship problem.

2. If you have little respect for the other person the relationship will likely not last very long. There is little point in continuing if you are always looking down at your partner and treating them as being stupid.

3. Be as polite and as kind when you are just the two of you together as when you are in the company of people you don’t know very well.

4. Be thoughtful by first considering what your partner wants and needs, however small they may be.

5. Always be truthful with your partner, as lies, however small will almost always be discovered. It is not usually a question of if, but more likely one of when you will be caught out. So avoid being deceitful and there will then never be question of being caught out.

Each of these points is important to your relationship and you can call them the secret to relationships. Everybody knows them but some people find them more difficult to express than others.

Concerning honesty, you just have to be open in dealing with your partner, even when times are difficult for you.

Respect and kindness go together. Your partner needs to feel you are supporting them because you agree with them and believe in them. You have to learn to respect their decision even if you would have done things differently. You can tell them kindly that perhaps there was a better way of getting to the same result. You can differ kindly and still show respect.

Thoughtfulness and love tend to go together as well. Express your love by telling and showing your partner that you love them. Helping each other is another way of expressing love.

Love is perceived differently, so it is for you to find the little things you partner appreciates and do them. They will appreciate that you are thinking of them and doing your best to please them…

Put all these things together and apply them and you will have found the key to the secret to relationships that should make your couple thrive happily.

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Joe Bisley

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