Solar Accessories for Green Living

Use of solar energy is increasing and it’s now possible to generate enough energy for your home as well as some extra to sell back to the electric company. Your home can be heated, your floor coils warmed, and your swimming pool water kept at just the right temperature. The energy generated from solar collectors can be stored for a few days or a whole season. It allows you to be independent and self-sufficient, and it will save you money. And most importantly, solar energy reduces the impact on the environment. There is less pollution, less carbon dioxide emissions, and fewer greenhouse gases.

Solar accessories are becoming popular and items like solar lamps come in handy in many locations. Solar lamps are popular for garden lighting, and of course can be taken camping. Solar lamps can either be portable and placed in the sun during the day to gather energy, or can be permanently placed in the ground in about 15 seconds. The collectors gather energy from the sun throughout the day and turn on at night, all without wiring. The cost of solar lamps vary depending on the usage, size, and type of lamp.

Solar energy can power solar water bottles. The bottles have an inner water purifier powered by solar energy which ensures that even when you’re in the wilderness collecting water from nearby streams, or getting water from the rain, you can drink safely. Solar water bottles even comes with a small light.

Solar energy also powers solar water fountains. These solar fountains can be either drinking fountains or decorative, and they can be placed and used anywhere.

Solar bags are an even newer product, bringing energy and power with them everywhere you go. Many of the bags come with chargers inside. The bag harnesses and stores the energy, allowing it to be available for the user later. This means that if you’re out and about, need a light, a cell phone charge, or a laptop charge, you will always have power.

Solar rechargeable batteries bring solar benefits to a new level. The batteries come with a solar charger which keeps them powered without the negative impact on the environment.

New solar accessories are coming on the market all the time. Not only are they affordable, they are also reliable, and save the environment a little bit at a time. is a comprehensive ecommerce website that combines robust commerce, content, and community.  We believe that we have created the most comprehensive site to date to make eco-friendly products, services, and information available to individuals who wish to live a green, more eco-friendly lifestyle.  Our site offers a very broad and diverse array of eco-friendly products as well as comprehensive, authoritative information and environmental education.  Additionally, users can enjoy the sense of community created by participating in our Forum.

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