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Reflexology can trace their roots to Egypt for the old. Indeed, traces of reflexes were already in 2030 BC, they found people on the reflex areas and notes the reports. Today, these traditional methods of massage chairs have been replicated in many. Chair massage and incorporate advanced features many desirable properties for potential users.

The therapy known as reflexology or area focuses on handsand feet. The hands and feet contain some points of reflection. According to charts reflexology of the hands and feet are connected to various body organs. These stimulate specific points that inmates will relax their bodies.

So the key is to stimulate reflex points on the feet hands. This stimulation of the hands or feet, in itself provides for relaxation of muscles, ligaments and tendons, where massage istargeted. Since these areas for relaxation, are somehow connected to the main body.

Reflexology is based mainly focused on the release of tension in the body. If someone is under stress, they began to cramp. This means that the muscles under tension for very long periods sometimes are kept. This in turn leads to muscle fatigue.

Also, if a person is under stress, the body prepares for protection. This means that critical organs are activated to supportBody in its defense. Hands and feet are also preparing to mobilize the body.

Reflexology in a sense reverses the process of preparing the body for defense. Reflexology stimulates the hands and feet to relieve tension. Stimulating points reflexology relieves tension and the most important institutions. This will probably be calm and relax the body.

massage chairs have incorporated massage reflexology. These characteristics so far concentrated on his feet. Many massage chairs provide an air compression massage to the lower body. These chairs also include nodes that are targeting significant reflexology trigger points.

Massage chairs also use air compression technology and can be used to inflate an airbag in reflexology. If the airbag is activated, nodes will fill you press on the foot reflexology in the space. Compression> Massage is used around the base to keep the orientation of reflexology.

massage chairs and radiators installed the rest of the leg. It improves circulation and helps reduce swelling. This is a good complement to the treatment of reflexology massage.

Some reflexology massage chairs have removable plates. You can remove the plates of reflexology massage is not desirable. When the points of reflexologyA foot massage and more important for the massage will be over the top of the foot compression.

The ancient art of reflexology and its benefits gradually replicated the massage chairs. As science begins, massage, reflexology, the secrets of traditional treatments such as massage chairs certainly be integrated into the furthest advanced.

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