Relieve Stress the Natural Way
One of the biggest ailments our world faces is stress. Stress is how your body responds to threats or pressing demands. While there is good stress, known as eustress, negative stress can make us feel tired or angry and can cause high blood pressure. It’s often believed that nature gives us the best remedies, so here are some simple and natural ways to relieve and reduce stress.

Breathing Exercises As simple as it sounds, doing breathing exercises can help you relax and unwind after a difficult day. One of the most effective exercises is to breathe in deeply for seven seconds, hold for three seconds, and exhale slowly over eight seconds. This exercise will help slow your heart rate and relax your muscles, and can even help you get to sleep easily.

Physical Activity Physical activity can be a number of things. You can swim, skate, ski, or bike. These are just a few of the many different ways you can stay physically active. When you move your body and work your muscles, your body responds by increasing oxygen flow to the brain. Exercising regularly can improve the overall health of your brain, even if it’s just 30 minutes a day.

A Good Night’s Sleep Many people underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep, but it’s very important for everyday life. Getting seven to nine hours of sleep per night is ideal for the average adult, whereas children and teenagers will likely need more. Sleep will also improve your learning and memory. While you sleep, your body repairs itself and clears the waste from your brain. Getting enough sleep every night can improve your overall health and decrease stress.

A Balanced Diet Sometimes it’s difficult to eat healthy food when fast food is readily available. Try taking some time out of your day to cook a healthy meal instead of eating out. Remember to drink plenty of water. When you drink water, your kidneys are able to flush out more toxins and make your kidneys work more efficiently. Fast food consumption can lead to a number of medical problems including obesity and heart disease. Your brain needs certain nutrients to function normally, and you can reduce stress overall by maintaining a balanced diet and drinking plenty of water.

These natural methods of relieving and reducing stress can also improve your overall health and mental well-being for those who are easily stressed. Before settling for an over-the-counter solution, try some of these natural remedies to reduce the stress in your everyday life.
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