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There are going to be instances where you are going to find yourself invited to different events and you will not have a date to take with you. Well, here is the bottom line, regardless as to why you dont have someone to join you at the fundraiser it really is nobodys business but your own. The sooner one person can become comfortable with going out on their own, and being independent the less people will gawk and talk about them.

Now, if you are invited to a fundraiser and you dont have a date, there are going to be several options for you. There is no reason to stay home alone. Depending on the different kinds of fundraisers, you will more than likely have several different options, if you are single here are a few tips to make the best of the evening

Volunteer to help

If you are in a situation where you have been invited to the fundraiser, and you really dont know if it is something that you could participate in without a date, offer to help out. There is always room for an extra hand when it comes to volunteering for a fundraiser. This also gives you the opportunity to meet new people.

Family counts

You decide to get tickets to a chili dinner or charity ball and after asking someone to go with you, they are unable to go.  What you can do is go through, think of all of your friends and family members that would enjoy an evening out with you. When is that last time you and your mom, or your dad had one on one time together an evening out or a date does not have to be with someone of romantic interest. Sometimes that extra treat, of taking your parents out is something they will never forget.

Give it away

If you already  have tickets to some kind of fundraiser and you are unable to take your mate or a date, why not just give the tickets away Especially if it is a dance o something where it is a couples only exclusive charity ball or concert, often times skipping out on those events may be your best option if you are unable to find someone to go with you. This will also make for great Christmas presents if its a holiday charity ball or donation based Christmas concert.

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