Magnets In Alternative Medicine

Magnets have been used for purposes beyond science experiments and picking up metal for hundreds of years. In fact, the Eastern cultures use magnets as key parts in some of their ‘alternative’ medicine. They provide an amazing alternative to the pharmacological zoo most Americans live in, and all of its possible side effects. Not all magnets are created equal, though, and it is thought that only the best will help. For the best magnets rare earth are the ones practitioners and manufacturers of magnetic jewelry go to. 

  Rare earth magnets are the most powerful magnets made today. They generate a magnetic field far above those of other kinds like ferrite or ceramic. Developed in the nineteen-seventies and eighties to further the automotive industry, they were quickly adopted by other areas and are currently used in a great many products, including consumer electronics. Despite their power, though, they are very brittle and are often plated with other materials in order to protect them from chipping, breaking and even corrosion.    Magnets rare earth magnets in particular, are said to increase blood flow, decrease pain, and provide all manner of positive effects for the mind and body. It is thought that the magnets will have enough effect on the iron, and other trace metals, in the blood to alter its course. Along with that is the knowledge that the body creates its own form of magnetic field, and the belief is that the imbalances of this field is what causes a great many medical issues. To this mind, powerful magnets may correct the problem.    In alternative medicine, magnets are applied in a number of ways, depending upon the problem they are supposed to be fixing. There is a form of massage that utilizes magnets for those who want a relaxation exercise with their health care. There are blankets with magnets woven into them, magnetic creams, shoe insoles, and even magnetic mattresses. The most popular incarnation, though, is magnetic jewelry. Rings, bracelets, anklets, necklaces and watches, just to name a few, have been bonded with magnets in order to take advantage of the magnetic health principal.    It should be noted that there has been no scientific proof of the positive effects of magnets on the body. The scientific community has decided that the positive effects that are seen are simply the result of the placebo effect, in which the patient believes he should feel better, so he does.    Magnets rare earth and otherwise, are an important part to some health regimes. Though positive effects on the body may not have been proven, there are also no negative effects on the body; making them perfect for anyone who wants to try a new treatment or pain management technique. Magnetic jewelry even makes a great gift for the hypochondriac, sine it can be said to treat a great many illnesses, and cannot be over-used.  

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