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Love-Making From the Inside Out

Love-Making From the Inside Out Love is an invention in this psychology and self-help guide that helps couples gain valuable insight into the essentials of what committed couples need to create and maintain a loving relationship.

Lasting love is a creation—a process of behavior in which intimates fashion love from inside themselves to tie love knots between one another. In Love-Making: From the Inside Out, author and couples’ therapist Dr. Bill Cloke shows couples the manner and means to maintain a loving relationship. In three parts and eleven chapters, he illustrates how love is made, how conflict can foster intimacy, and how myth and fantasy help—and hinder—relationships.
Particularly insightful, he shares with readers how anger, rage and shame influence relationships and empathizes with the difficulty of loving in an often indifferent, judgmental and unforgiving world. His useful tools help couples learn techniques for self-awareness and self-expression, which are essential ingredients f

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