Looking Back

The Power of Reflection & Gratitude in a Busy World

...An Amazing Life Changing Self Development Package...

 We all go through our daily tasks with such speed and determination that sometimes we look back and realize we are not stopping to enjoy those wonderful little things that make life worth living. 

You realize you’ve been so busy being busy that you didn’t stop to smell the roses.

What you may not realize is that embracing self-reflection and gratitude are critical components of your health and well-being.

Do You Feel Like Your Life is Empty

Meaningless or Missing Something?

Gratitude is one of the most important components for attracting prosperity and abundance.

No matter how brief the experience may be, joy and abundance is the accompanying emotion of gratitude. Feeling abundant, prosperous, joyful, enriched with gratitude makes it a reality.



Looking Back –  a brand new high quality ebook for bringing prosperity and spiritual freedom back to your life through the power of gratitude.



In this 27 page ebook you will learn;  self-reflection is not a time to beat yourself up for mistakes or play out unhappy situations over and over again in your mind.

Instead, it is a quiet time that you set aside to discover who you are and where you are heading. It’s the practice of deep inner looking to determine your successes and lessons so you can do more of what’s working rather than going on autopilot and staying stuck in your life.

This is Not All You Get in This Amazing Self Development Package...!

This Package Also Includes…

The Looking Back Gratitude Workbook & Journal

gratitude workbook and journal
Looking Back - Worbook and Journal

Here are some of the transformational excercises you will find in the gratitude workbook:








gratitude workbook


Ideal for printing to track your thoughts and feelings of gratitude each day.

This workbook and journal has been designed to help make Self-Reflection and Gratitude a normal part of your daily routine!

Section 1 are exercises that will help open you up to realize the potential of inviting gratitude and reflection into your life.

Section 2 is a weekly journal that includes questions and prompts that you can use to ensure you stick to the routine.

To Help You On Your Path To Practicing the Art of Life Changing Gratitude

You Will Also Receive A FREE Copy of our Special Report

Using NAIKAN To Cultivate Grateful Living.

Special Report - Introducing NAIKAN

In this introductory report you will learning the three simple questions to make self reflection part of your meditation.

although they are simple questions, we will explore them in profound ways that can radically change one’s life for the better.


Let's Review What You Are Getting In This Powerful Transformational Package!

1. Just Published Ebook: Looking Back, Reflection and Gratitude in a Busy World.

You will be one of the first to have access to this 27 page ebook in .pdf format from which you will learn that by taking time to self-reflect, we can assess whether or not we are reaching our goals and why. Many of us are discouraged by the fact that we aren’t where we thought we would be. We start the year off with goals and aspiratons and then assume we are incapable when don’t achieve them. Regular reflection allows us to assess where we are about reaching our goals. Then we can make adjustments and changes in our to accomplish the success we desire.


2. Looking Back Workbook & Journal.

An acompanying workbook to the looking back ebook to introduce you to the first steps you should take to help make reflection and gratitude part of your daily routine. This 10 part workbook contains exercises based on the concepts that you will learn in the Looking Back ebook giving you the tools you will need to make the power of gratitude and self reflection part of your daily life.

VALUE – $27.00

3. Using NAIKAN To Cultivate Grateful Living.

Never before released, you will have the opportunity to learn the 3 secrets questions to empower your daily meditation, bringing real peace and happiness into your life.

Use the power of NAIKAN as a daily morning exercise to start your dy feeling positive or use NAIKAN as a tool to powerful meditation.

VALUE – $17.00 Yours FREE!

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gratitude workbook and journal
Looking Back - The Power of Gratitude In Everyday Life

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