Living the Green way

Going green can save you green.  In other words you can save your money if you live your life as green as possible.  There are simple steps you can take that save you money without having to spend any.  Simple things like turning off your lights when you’re not in a room can help you save energy.  Also things like TV, radios computer game units all use up energy when they are left on standby.

Recycling should already be part of your lifestyle but if it isn’t you should start thinking about it.  If you live in the UK then it’s just a matter of leaving out card, plastic, tins and glass and our road side collectors will do all the work.

Reuse items that can be fixed rather than buying new.  Lots of people will chuck things away without even checking if they can be easily fixed like changing the fuse.  

Grow your own food.  You don’t need a garden as you can grow many vegetables in pots or grow bags.  Also there is a great feeling when you cook your own vegetables and fruit that you have grown yourself.

At home many of us have dishwashers, but did you know that dishwashers uses cold water that is heated up through electricity.  If you want dishes by hand with hot water heated by a gas boiler you are saving money because gas is cheaper than electricity.  Also dishes last longer when washed by hand.

In April 2011 the government’s RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) will be coming into effect. It aims to promote the use of renewable energy technologies with financial rewards.  If you were to have an air source heat pump fitted in your home it would reduce you CO2 emissions by up to 50%, it needs no gas, flues or ventilation, has low running costs and low running noise. It actually works similar to how a freezer works except it generates heat rather than cold air.  The government scheme will work by forming an estimate of how much your renewable system will produce. You then get paid up to 18p/kWhr for the hot water and heat you generate and use yourself.

If you have an old system boiler you should think about getting it replaced with a more effeicent boiler.  Combination boilers give both heat and water and are a far more efficient choice to heat the home. A combi boiler is a clever space-saving idea and also saves money on running costs as it only heats the water when you turn a tap on.  So rather than heating a whole tank all day it just heats it when needed.

Northern Gas Heating – the UK’s local supplier of new Combination boilers.  Contact us today if you are looking at replacing or installing a new boiler.

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