Is Reiki Right For You?

With all of the different healing modalities that are available, it can sometimes be a little overwhelming. Whether you have tried traditional treatment and are not receiving your desired results, or you prefer not to use traditional treatments and are seeking natural remedies, or if you do not have any ailments and desire enrichment in your life, it can be confusing when it comes to choosing an alternative method of healing. Of course you can easily Google it, and read through tons of websites, articles, advertisements, but how do you know what will work best for you? Even holistic practitioners are often overwhelmed by other healing modalities and have a difficult time deciding what technique or remedy that they would like to study next.

When I was first introduced to holistic healing modalities I was interested in learning hypnotherapy. I did my research and even bought a book to hypnotize myself. But for some reason I never felt the nudge to go to a hypnotherapist or to enroll in a certification program. When I did feel a nudge it was toward Reiki (pronounced ray-key). I didn’t know too much about Reiki but something about it seemed so appealing to me. After only a couple weeks of receiving Reiki treatments I received my first attunement so that It would become a permanent part of my life. I didn’t even have to think twice about it, Reiki was my calling.

My favorite way to describe Reiki is as a massage for the Soul. I have always enjoyed receiving traditional massage sessions. I find that after receiving a Reiki treatment I feel similar to how I feel after massage, but with more of an inner well-being. A Reiki treatment begins on the inside, balancing the energy within the body while releasing toxins. This promotes feeling of deep relaxation and inner peace. A traditional massage is working on the body on the outside to create a relaxing feeling that is mostly physical.

The more traditional way to describe Reiki is as a Japanese method of energy healing that promotes relaxation, clarity, balance, inner peace, and relief from stress, emotional blocks and physical aches and pains. A Reiki Practitioner uses the energy that surrounds us at all time (from the earth) and channels that energy through their body and out of their hands. The energy is strengthened with the use of intention and Japanese symbols (emotional, mental and distance healing). The intention is always directed for the highest good of the recipient.

Reiki is able to transcend space and time and does not have any boundaries. The use of the distance healing symbol enables a treatment to be sent to anyone, anywhere in the world. I know this may sound a bit unrealistic and you might wonder how this could be possible. But after receiving my first distance healing Reiki treatment from a friend in another state, I became a true believer. It was one of the most powerful treatments I had ever experienced.

Unfortunately there is no scientific formula to determine which modality will be most beneficial to you. My advice is to trust your intuition, that gut feeling you have. Maybe for an inexplicable reason you feel drawn to hypnotherapy (as I did). You are considering trying it, but you are not sure. Later that week you hear someone randomly talking about hypnotherapy, and then later on you receive a junk e-mail with hypnotherapy in the title. You might think these are coincidences, but they are definite signs from the universe to go with your gut and try hypnotherapy.

Whether you decide to try hypnotherapy, herbal remedies, or you feel drawn to the healing power of Reiki, the important thing is not to ignore your desire to try something new. Whatever you choose you will benefit from in some way. Still can’t decide? Something else to consider…writing down the names of the modalities you are considering on pieces of paper, and randomly choose one out of a bowl. Voila! Decision made. Mission accomplished!

Eileen Brunelli is a Certified Reiki Practitioner in Tarrytown, New York, located in Westchester County. She holds private Reiki sessions in Tarrytown, and also offers Reiki treatments for animals in the Tri-state area. Eileen also offers distance healing treatments for animals who live too far away, and for people who may be unable to travel, or simply prefer to be in the comfort of their own home.

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