Information About Metro-sexual Indian Men

In recent times you must have observed that there are so many beauty related products that are meant only for men. Were such things there before? Well, no. Then why is it that now suddenly the necessity of such products has hit the market? The answer is the emergence of a concept known as metro-sexual man. Though this concept is alien to many, they still follow this concept without knowing. Metro-sexual men are those who are very vigilant about their looks. Unlike the traditional men, these new age guys are very much interested in the way they look and smell. This pretty much explains the reason for brands to be selling cosmetics, creams, beauty treatments and perfumes for men.

Who exactly are the metro-sexual men?

– They are the men who go past the previous “men” boundaries to dress and groom themselves

– They have keen interest about how they look and present themselves
– They are avid users of products like powder, face packs, perfumes, creams, gels etc
– They are not afraid to go in for spa treatments, facials, hair styling, body polishes, hair colouring etc
– They define themselves as trendy and well groomed men
– Most of them keep a clean shaven look. While some do have a stubble look

So, do Indian women like them?

– Well, this is a tricky question since the response is a mixed one
– There are some women who like their men to be rugged and natural looking
– Many women feel that the art of self beautifying and dressing is best reserved to women and men should remain the way they were. For such women, metro-sexual man concept is quite repelling or even disappointing sometimes
– For other Indian women, the idea of men being clean and well dressed is a treat to watch. They like the fact that men finally smell good with nice perfumes and look good using various products. Such women welcome the style of metro-sexual men
– Some women feel that having a metro-sexual man by your side, you will have many common things to do and can have interesting conversations. While other women feel threatened by the fact that a man can get more trendy and cosmetic addict than a woman is
– Other than these two extreme view points of love and hate, there are women who accept a metro-sexual man if he still maintains an individual manly style

How is the Indian consumer market affected by this?

– There are various beautifying products now for metro-sexual men
– Many spas and saloons provide specific beauty services to men
– You can find specific perfumes for men, other than creams, cosmetics and gels
– You also get face packs and beauty treatment kits just to act upon rougher skin of men

Thus the time when your man will have more number of creams and perfumes than you, is not very far!

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