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Human Sexuality (2nd Edition)

Human Sexuality (2nd Edition) Hock’s Human Sexuality, Second Edition, takes an interpersonal approach to human sexuality. The central message of the text is developing and defining your own sexual philosophy. Every chapter begins with actual student questions. Throughout the chapter the questions are answered and new ones are posed–encouraging students to think critically, analyze, and use the material in personally relevant ways. Hock takes a psychosocial approach, focusing on those topics that are most critical and of greatest relevance to the students’ personal lives, their interactions with others, and how these topics affect them emotionally.  This student-centered approach is incorporated into the text’s discussions of all areas of sexuality–psychological, social and biological (including medical, health, anatomical and physiological). Sensitivity to diverse groups, not only in terms of race and ethnicity, but also in terms if sexual orientation and age, allows all students to feel as comfortable and open human sexuality

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