Combat Stress and Anxiety With Self Hypnosis
How Self-Hypnosis Works for Stress

How would you describe stress? To you is it a tense feeling in your shoulders or between your eyes? Is stress felt in your chest when you are anxious about something? Maybe stress is a never-ending cycle of negative thoughts that won’t seem to go away? Whatever your symptoms of stress are, they are not invalid. While stress may show up in other ways, it has a detrimental effect on your health. Stress can produce anxiety, depression, heightened blood pressure and even some skin conditions.

Luckily for our generation and the ever-growing fascination with mindfulness meditation, stress is being lowered in people all over the world. It is such a potent treatment for some with anxiety, ADHD, ADD, low self-esteem and others that it is catching on in popularity fast.

Using Self-Hypnosis

One method avid meditation users practice regularly is Self-Hypnosis. Self-Hypnosis works by relaxing your mind and body to such a deep state that your otherwise fully conscious mind doesn’t react to stimuli as if you were fully alert. This causes you to relax and relieve a great deal of stress and anxiety.

Self-Hypnosis works to get to the root of your stress and negative thinking patterns, as per say your subconscious mind. Whatever negative beliefs that you may be holding about yourself, others or certain situations lies in your subconscious mind.

When you relax into a deep state by Self-Hypnosis, you can tap into these harmful beliefs and begin changing them into more positive, healthy ones. This works by reprogramming your mind into thinking calmer and more productive thoughts, thus eradicating the harmful thoughts and beliefs that were causing you stress and anxiety. One way to start getting rid of toxic thoughts is by using affirmations.

Using Affirmations

Affirmations are positive statements and phrases used to counteract negative beliefs one may hold about them self. For example, a young woman who is struggling in romantic relationships may seek therapy to change her thoughts to be able to have a more successful dating life. Many times, self-hypnosis is used to also create a stronger defense of stress. Affirmations we can use for example can be,”I am at peace. All is well in my world and I am safe.” This affirmation would be used to counteract a possible high reaction to stressful situations, in which the person hypnotized would have a better reaction in their day to day life.

Stress reduction should be an important part of your healthcare routine. Stress management is a healthy habit to have and a regular routine of self-hypnosis can help you create a healthier life.

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