Green Living With Hardwood Floors Green living is where it is at these days, and you can get in on the action by installing hard wood floors in Frisco homes. That does not seem to make much sense, but with almost all industries doing everything they can to lessen their impact on the environment, or even improve the environment, wood floor manufacturers are doing their part as well. While any wood floor is made using a recyclable and renewable resource, there is one type of wood flooring that stands above the rest as one of your absolute best options for green hard wood flooring.

That flooring is bamboo. Bamboo grass grows faster than almost any other wood used for flooring, and can grow in almost any environment around the world. In fact, new bamboo shoots are mature enough to harvest for floors after only five years. Other types of wood can take decades or longer to reach a level of maturity that can be harvested. Around the same area where the bamboo is cut, it starts growing back out again, which makes it one of the fastest growing materials used in hard wood floors.

Bamboo is natural, very renewable and a beautiful material for use in hard wood floors. Different varieties and stains will yield any shade, from a very light color to shades so dark they are almost black. Bamboo flooring can be made to compliment pretty much any construction or decor. If you are looking for the best way to make your green statement in your new construction or home renovation, then bamboo floors are definitely the best way to do so.

Bamboo floors are very hard and extremely resilient. Have you ever tried breaking a bamboo stalk? It is next to impossible because of the way they grow. That strength will translate to your floor as well. Your new floors will be able to easily take the punishment that daily use can put them through with no complaints. That is how the bamboo character is.

The reason bamboo grows so much faster than other materials used for hard wood flooring is that bamboo is not exactly a wood at all. Bamboo is, in fact, a grass and grows much faster than trees normally used. It also grows very thick, meaning that you can generally harvest more bamboo than you would average trees. Bamboo flooring is an excellent choice for installing hard wood floors in Frisco homes.

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