Freedom In Relationships Relationships are the essence of life. From the moment you enter this world you are fully

engaged in a relationship with your parents and the environment to which you

are born. If you are born into a family with other children, your siblings also

become part of your relational existence. When you enter school you form

relationships with your peers and teachers, and of course as you grow up and

enter the workforce, you find yourself in relationships with your bosses and

co-workers. What a multitude of interactions you form before you even enter

into a love relationship as an adult!

Relationships can be a source of joy and peace or one of strife and misery. They can inspire

and uplift you to the best version of yourself or negatively set you off and

bring forth characteristics you didnt even know were a part of you! This of

course is called your shadow side and is an invitation to look at the most

important relationship you will ever have: the one you maintain with yourself.

When you come into this world you are a pure expression of all that it means to be a

human being. As you live in joy in the moment, you experience reactions from

those around you. Some of those reactions are not too nice so you quickly learn

which parts of you are unacceptable and need to be tucked away from the


These suppressed traits comprise your shadow self and as you mature into conscious adults, you get the chance to revisit this side as you engage in relationships with others. The

universe as you perceive it, whether in circumstances you find yourself in, or

your interactions with other people, is a mirror of all that you are

consciously and unconsciously. It shows you the parts you proudly own and admire, as well as the parts that need to be healed.

Takea moment and think of someone that you have a relationship with. What do you like most about this person?

Do you recognize that trait in yourself? If not immediately apparent, take a few

moments and really think about it. For example, lets say you truly admire a

co-workers dedication on the job but you dont see that same dedication in

yourself since you find yourself taking sick days and not being motivated to

finish your work assignments.

Thats ok. You are trying to recognize the trait, not the circumstance.

Are you dedicated to your children and family? What about to a hobby or

passion? Look hard until you recognize the same traits in yourself that you

admire in others!

Nowlets do the same with the shadow side. Think of someone in your life that has

a characteristic that totally sets you off in a negative way. Maybe it incites

anger in you or a physical sensation in your body. Perhaps its your love

partner and you think they are extremely selfish. If you are like most people,

you will say the reason it bothers you so much that they are that way is

because you are NOT that way! However, as human beings we all possess all human

traits. Remember, some we tucked away early on because of the negative

consequences they brought to us.

The knowledge and awareness that what you experience in your

relationships is mirroring you, is both enlightening and freeing. As you accept

that you possess all traits that are human you can use your relationships for

you own growth as an individual.

Celebrate the traits you like in others knowing you also possess the

same traits. Become aware of when you exhibit these traits and make the

conscious decision to nurture them.

Also take note of what you really dislike in others and use EFT

(emotional freedom technique) to change the negative reactions you experience

when you notice those traits. By using EFT to clear the negative energy

patterns, you invite self- acceptance and love and can now consciously choose

which traits to nurture and which to let go by the wayside. You will also notice that as you

balance your energy around what you dont like in others, that behavior will

actually start to diminish because the law of attraction matches your energetic

charge at all times!

Relationships are the elixir of life. In this new year, let them be your greatest source of

joy and freedom.

Ellen Richteris an experienced EFT practitioner, Life Coach and Reiki Master who teaches the

most advanced techniques in Energy Psychology. In addition to her private

practice, Ellen is bringing EFT to organizations for workplace stress reduction

and improved productivity. Her years of training and experience combine with

her natural intuition, passion, and ability to find solutions, making her a

leader in her field. Ellen has degrees in Psychology and Special Education, is

a member of the elite Phi Beta Kappa society, and continues to further her


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