Foot Massage

It’s almost a natural process after a long day on your feet to take off your shoes and begin rubbing the soles of your feet. Rubbing your feet is something you’ll do without even realizing what you’re doing. It’s a natural way to ease the pressure and aching of your feet.

To start, you need to have the following; a towel, massage oil (there are various massage oils available on the market), and strong, firm hands. If you are going to give a quick but effective massage then sorbolene cream is a good emollient that will act immediately. But it gets absorbed by the skin very easily and therefore will make the massage tough after some time. Using massage oil on the feet can result in a smoother massage.

The benefits of a foot massage are more than just making your feet feel better. Any time the body is massaged, it brings increased blood flow to the area. This increased blood flow improves circulation, improves the flow of important nutrients to the cells, and removes harmful toxins. This helps your feet and legs to feel relaxed and revitalized. Foot massage can help to reduce stress throughout the entire body.

Foot massage is a therapy that provides you ultimate relaxation via application of structured or unstructured pressure, tension or vibration. The therapy offers a lot of benefits to feet. It can relieve you of many tensions and make you feel rejuvenated. It helps relaxing the tense muscles in your feet, thereby providing you a feeling of wellbeing and relaxation.

Get ready for your foot massage by thoroughly washing the feet. You may wish to soak the feet first, getting them relaxed and ready to massage. Soaking feet in Epsom salts or dead sea bath salts is an excellent choice. Both contain properties that are relaxing and therapeutic to tired and weary feet.

A pair of strong hands is a great start. Then grab some towels and some massage oil. If it’s a ‘quickie’ foot massage, sorbolene cream will do a great job, it’s an exceptional emollient and cheap to buy too, but it does absorb quickly into the skin so if you’re giving a longer massage for the feet stick with oil. Now have the receiver wash their feet, or you can do it for them if you are comfortable to do so and willing to pamper them beyond the call of duty.  

The discomfort you first experience will give way to something much more pleasant as you relax and let gravity massage your feet using your own body weight. Nowadays, I get much pleasure from strolling on the stone path and can feel the stress leaving my body. It’s quite effective, actually. Not only do you get a massage, the stones underneath your feet also encourage correct posture because you have a much easier time walking the path when your weight is well distributed. The massage path works in a very interesting way.

This technique stimulates the blood vessels in your feet and promotes gentle heat. Hold the foot in your hands and begin to massage the top surface of the foot. Use your thumbs in a slow, firm stroking motion, starting at the toes and moving up to the ankle. Once you have reached the ankle follow the same line back to the toes. Make sure you apply lighter pressure towards the toes than the ankle.

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