Dragon Acupuncture Vaccaria Ear Seeds 600 counts Refill Pack

Dragon Acupuncture Vaccaria Ear Seeds 600 counts Refill Pack
  • NATURAL & EFFECTIVE EAR SEEDS: Vaccaria plant seeds are natural and effective to use for Auricular Therapy. These small seeds provide constant stimuli to the acupressure points, i.e. reflexology to the ear. With proper placement, you can use it for a range of conditions such as weight loss, quit smoking, back pain, headache, stress, depression and insomnia, etc.
Save visits to acupuncturists. Ear seeds exert continuous mild pressures on acupressure to achieve results. Gently massage the ear seeds 3-5 times a day to further stimulate the points. It can be worn for a few days each time. Natural seeds from vaccaria plants. This means they are suitable for people with metal allergy. No needles and do not pierce the skin. It is safe and suitable for people who want to experience acupuncture but are needle phobia. Hardly noticeable nude color stickers allow you to conveniently wear the ear seeds all day. Each package contains a total of 600 counts of ear seed patches ONLY. This is a refill pack and does NOT contain tools, ear chart or ebook.

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