Depression and Relationships

Depression is a toxic soup of negative emotions that extends for a longer than expected period of time. Many people who struggle with depression cannot feel emotions such as joy, pleasure, or grief. They have become numb and colorless. Depression is much like a vampire sucking the life blood dry until only a shell of the once enthusiastic vibrant person exists. In this informational article titled “Depression and Relationships” we will explore the many faces of depression in relationships.
Relationships are a delicate balance between feelings and ego. These intricate personal interactions are totally reliant on how you relate to others. The most common characteristics of depression in relationships are withdrawal and avoidance. Other common characteristics are irritability and overly critical behavior.
Let’s see how this might look in the Smith household.
Joe Smith has always been a loving family man but recently his emotions have started to get the best of him due to financial difficulties. Just the other day mild mannered Joe arrived home from work only to find his wife vacuuming rather than fixing dinner. Joe explodes, ranting and raving about dinner, noise, and getting a new wife that knows her place. Joe’s wife Cindy is stunned. She has never heard her husband talk this way and decides to try to avoid a confrontation by simply apologizing. She tells Joe that she lost tract of time and it won’t happen again. Joe simply ignores her apology and storms out of the house leaving her in tears. End
Most people reading the story above think that situations like the one above only happen to other people. Perhaps you know someone who has been acting out of character lately. So let’s explore a number of ways depression affects relationships and see whether any of the bullet points might remind you of someone you know.
* Recently, I just can’t seem to be as compassionate as normal
* Is it my imagination or are my friends and family avoiding me
* I seem to be becoming more reclusive even though it’s really not in my nature
* I haven’t been able to live up to the expectations of others
* My desire for intimacy is almost nonexistent
* There is no one that cares or understands me
* I have never felt more alone
* I am looking old and tired
* My temper is getting worse and my fuse is getting shorter
* There just isn’t anyone to talk to about my problems
Depressed people normally go one of two ways, either they withdraw or become irritable and aggressive. Which ever way they go it makes depression and relationships a difficult matter to handle, especially for the people closest to them. If you know someone whose personality has changed for the worst and you suspect that depression might be the primary driver of their behavior then convincing them to get help would be the right thing to do.
Additionally, many people with mild to moderate depression are looking for affordable answers that don’t involve extended therapy sessions or expensive prescription drugs. For these individuals natural depression remedies could are options worth considering. Many of the more popular remedies for depression are herbal blends which are very safe and have shown to be effective in both promoting and maintaining emotional and mental health.

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