Classic Swedish massage

Classic Swedish massage – massage popular incumbent is common and familiar in the West are for publication and also because the idea of ​​fostering integration in the Nordic Aryan race who conquered many hearts the idea of ​​Europe of the 19th century.

Swedish massage is considered a basic method in the massage. It combines fun, relaxation, and therapy for healing.

Holistic Swedish massage – mostly suitable for all patients because it was a balmy and therefore is a popular treatment.

I think it is very important to pay attention to the fact that behind every method of massage is a philosopher of life and world view.

If Ayurveda comes only improve the integration of nature the opposite Swedish massage is dedicated to fostering individual excellence.

Swedish massage is a massage popular and highly desirable and yet a few words about the method creates.

Author was Henrik Ling (known alternative medicine as invented by the Swedish massage but is a reference narrow enough to a person of interest in many related to the human body and soul) was born on 15 Nov 1776 – and died in 1839 he discovered in 1800 that the massage is critical Medicine Pain.

Ling’s life work was when he developed a series of exercise movements to relieve chronic pain.

Ling was also a physician and a science education is considered quite controversial. His ambition was to do everything possible to make the Swedish population strong and healthy both mind and body.

Ling in 1813 received royal permission to open in Stockholm from the Central Institute of Gymnastics. Institute was the first school to train instructors in gymnastics that exists today. Type of massage that still exists in Sweden and machine Lingizm and Schelling taught at the Institute he founded. Only when other countries began to massage adopt the method adheres to the name – Swedish massage. Ling believed that hot that you can embed the positive effects of massage and was able to attract doctors to the Institute.

Henrik Ling laid the foundations of classic Swedish massage and is considered the father of the method

Swedish massage techniques

 Swedish massage techniques include: long strokes, kneading, friction, tapping, percussion, vibration, and shaking motions. Usually a sequence of five techniques:

Gliding strokes with the palms, thumbs and / or fingertips – complex, with long overflow from the neck down or the base of the spine from shoulder to fingertips. At the end of the limb, movements towards the heart to help improve blood circulation and lymphatic stimulation. Done with the whole hand or the thumb pads.
Ftrisz: Kneading movements with the hands, thumbs and / or fingers – Picking up the bones muscles, then rolling to blackmail them, again with gentle pressure. It generally involves kneading and compression motions – rolling, or pressing the muscles to improve blood flow. .
Friction: repeatedly with palms, thumbs and / or fingers – deep circular movements done with your thumbs or fingers cushions are deep work at the joints (spine side) work posture on muscle fibers to improve muscle and joint flexibility and function better.
Vibration: shake or nudge moves the body prepares the body to the early treatment therapy therapist prepares the patient’s body warm-up muscles joints and bones.
Both passive and active movements: Bending and stretching arms and legs

Swedish Massage – treatment efficiency

Swedish massage is effective in treating muscle spasm muscle pain, stiffness and improved release of muscle tone
* Helps alleviate headaches and migraines
* Moves the lymphatic system and helps strengthen the immune system
* Supports the treatment of hypertension
* Encouraging movement in the digestive system and its regulation
Improves healing of scar tissue and helps prevent infections
* Helps drain toxins from the body effectively
* Allows for deeper breathing
* Reduces stress, anxiety and stress which is aggregated body
* Effective in cases of sleep disorders, insomnia, feeling of tiredness and lack of vitality
* Support in dealing with situations Dichaonaissi

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