Chinese Medical Herbology & Pharmacology

Chinese Medical Herbology & Pharmacology
  • Addresses safe use of herbal medicines in patients also taking allopathic substances
  • Enhances understanding of herbs from both perspectives, and offers resources for improved patient care and therapeutic outcomes
  • Detailed traditional uses, combinations, dosages, cautions and contraindications
  • Comprehensive descriptions of pharmacological effects, clinical studies and research
  • Important safety information: herb-drug interactions, safety index, toxicology, symptoms and treatments of over-dosage
Chinese Medical Herbology and Pharmacology integrates contemporary understanding of the ancient practice of Chinese herbal medicine with essential safety information for a context in which use of pharmaceutical and traditional medicines is increasingly integrated in the treatment of illness. In 1,266 information-packed pages, this text offers healthcare practitioners, researchers, educators and students information for a lifetime of learning and practice: 670 in-depth herb monographs; 1150 photographs, classic line drawings, and chemical structure diagrams; far-reaching insights from academic, clinical, research and regulatory professionals; traditional uses and combinations, dosages, toxicology, cautions and contraindications; safety

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