Can You Engineer Love at First Sight Over and Over Again For Maximum Sexual Pleasure?

Dating and getting into a committed relationship is a normal, natural process for most people. They go through life, working jobs they enjoy, doing things and activities with friends they like. They date some people, some a lot, some a few, until they find somebody they click with. When they both decide that they are at a time in their life to move onto the next level, they have a family.

This has happened in different forms, in different cultures, for time immemorial. Three are over six billion testaments to the effectiveness of this model of human behavior.

Just like any established system, there are ways around the process. Ways to get to the good stuff sooner than normal. A way to crack the system.

There exists a collection of tools, social skills, and covert communication technologies to create those feelings of connection much sooner than they normal happen. Sure, there is love at first sight. You may even know a few couples, or be part of one yourself, where two people met they just knew they were right for each other.

However, there are ways to engineer this phenomenon. There are ways to use subtle techniques of communication to create that feeling of “love at first sight,” in a person. That feeling that you’ve known this person forever. That feeling that when you look at this person, and think about this person, you can’t help but to feel those special feelings, and think those special thoughts.

Some say this is unethical. Others say that all is fair in love and war, and caveat emptor, or “buyer beware,” always applies in matters of the heart.

While it is true that these techniques can be used to powerfully enhance an existing relationship, they can also be used to exploit insecurities for personal gain. Just like any tool, they can be used for good, or evil.

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