Calgary Aromatherapy
66H Calgary Aromatherapy Health and Natural Lifestyles is the best place in Calgary for aromatherapy Health and Natural Lifestyles is a place where you will find a staff of educated and caring individuals with a passion for helping others live an informed and healthy life. They pass on their knowledge and experience to their clients in an effort to help them achieve a higher quality of life without the use of medication or surgery, utilizing specialized techniques like iridology, personalized nutritional counseling and aromatherapy to help make you feel your best. Janet Rowe is a highly qualified professional, with three certifications in blood analysis and additional certifications in iridology, aromatherapy, nutrition, homeopathy and more. Her staff work hard to help you understand the results they find thru both dried and live blood samples, screening for issues that are not commonly looked for in a normal blood screen. Their expertise in a variety of disciplines is at your disposal to help with a variety of issues, including boosting your immune system and helping with diabetes, back pain and arthritis. Experience the positive effects of aromatherapy and enjoy its relaxing and invigorating properties. The art and science of extracting highly concentrated oils from plants to fully utilize their potential is a skill that takes a great deal of time and effort to master, and the fact that Health and Natural Lifestyles has been recognized as the best aromatherapist in Calgary stands as a testament to their success. Iridology is an excellent way to identify health issues quickly and safely, and is a skill that few possess to a great degree. Their staff can explain findings to you and offer advice as to your options. Nutritional counseling is offered to educate you on the importance of each of the components to a healthy diet. By analyzing your current needs and goals they are able to show you which diet choices can help you improve your physical and mental well being. They have a wealth of information to share with you in order to help you and your family live better. Rife treatments are utilized to assist people suffering from ailments from cancer to back pain with amazing results. Health and Natural Lifestyles is also very picky about which products they carry in stock, seeking out only those with the highest quality natural ingredients that are free of fillers and synthetics. They can also ship products to your home or business to save you time. This impressive list of goods and services serves only as an introduction to Health and Natural Lifestyles, Calgary’s best aromatherapist and winner of the Consumers Choice Award. The Consumers Choice Awards understand the choices available to consumers today, and how hard it can be to find businesses that go that extra mile for their customers. They also understand that by rewarding businesses that dedicate themselves to serving their customers they help to increase the quality of service throughout communities by encouraging business excellence. They have worked for decades in cities across Canada and the United States gathering data from consumers to learn which places of business stand out in their minds when they think of outstanding service in their area. Their unique data collecting process allows them to learn from the people who shop locally every day instead of relying on the opinions of a panel of experts. Calgary has spoken and their choice for aromatherapy is Health and Natural Lifestyles. Thank you Consumers Choice Awards for all of your hard work and dedication, without which we would not be able to so easily identify businesses that care about their customers. You can find Health and Natural Lifestyles at their storefront on 524 – 42nd Avenue SE. They can be reached by phone at (403) 212-6077.
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