Beast In Human

Do you believe that there is always a beast in each of us? This beast affects our decision making, feeds off joy and prosperity. It is an invisible parasite that can attack  you in a flash before you know it. Some might say that the beast is a part of survival. Let figure out this kind of beast.


On the surface, some may say the beast is a part of survival. Ask a zoo keeper and they will tell you the lions just don’t come in domesticated. You must train this beast. The beast is irrationality. They have ugly faces and cause physical and emotional damage to everything they touch, including yourself.


The only factor that separates you from the beast, is your ability of choice. Ironically in the case of natural disasters or blackouts, irrationality concedes the right of choose, survival is at top of list. At that point we are one step up from savage, two steps down from supreme beings. Why do you think people live in irrationality without these elements?


During Katrina 2005, people were left to fend for themselves. There was rape, adultery, theft, murder and death. A world awkwardly similar to the jungles surrounding the amazon. The obvious difference is infrastructure, social complexity and government dependance. I did not witness such heartache but after reading intense memoirs of survivors and reporters, I began to ponder the beast of humanity. The choices of the government, casualties and survivors were all made from irrationality.


The beast does not limit itself to the survival mechanisms in us. The beast lends a helping hand to envy, greed, anger, rage, resentment and all other forms of negative thought as well. Apart from survival, the beast shows its face when we are faced with a decision of circumstance. We have the choice to either learn from the circumstance or rampage with fiery irrationality, committing crimes of/against nature and love.


Your inner beast keeps you single, in poverty, in poor health, lonely, aggravated and stressed out. You try to rationalize your unhappiness and settle for less but the beast eventually shows its face. Have you ever settled for less thinking it might turn out okay? Have you ever been so angry at a person that you wanted to kill them? Have you ever been so hungry you literally ate anything in sight? Have you ever ran a good lover away trying to always be ‘right’? Well, guess what? Thats the beast lurking from within.


Right now, I could be rotting in a jail cell. One evening I got so angry because my partner was ignoring me. I went into a temper rampage, damaged furniture, ruined clothing and held a knife to their neck. Thats freaking crazy! I was a lunatic that night. Something happened though, I saw my reflection holding the knife and the beast ran away. I started to cry, I could not wrap my brain around the fact that I was about to kill someone over nothing. Was my survival threatened? No. My thoughts were given a boost by the beast, and spiraled way out of control.


The beast allows itself to help with negative impulses because of our language. We have so many ways of expressing one thought. We also have so many ways to get what we want. Irrationality plays with language like a conductor for the orchestra. While one statement may mean one perspective to you, it could be a complete 180 for someone else. The development in communication and cohesive living will allow us to adapt to differences. Our differences is what makes us all great, the beast that lives in our head on the other hand loves to concede proper choice. How Is the beast conducting your machine?


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