Aromatherapy Pillow Spray

At first, aromatherapy pillow spray struck me as a good idea but just a little extravagant, somewhat less than an “essential” use of essential oils. Still, I am nothing if not open-minded, so I gave it a shot. I mean, I literally gave it a shot, mixing-up a simple aromatherapy pillow spray in a squirt bottle and firing away. Burying my face in the pillow-for research purposes, you understand-first, I felt transported to the outskirts of the Blissland, and then I almost immediately fell into deep, delectable sleep. Since that first tentative experiment, I have adopted and adapted aromatherapy pillow spray for all my sleepy time needs.

Ah, the extravagance of nap time!

We will say, for the sake of discussion, I have “the luxury” of nap time. And my carefully formulated, lavishly and liberally applied aromatherapy pillow spray assures the extravagance of my blissful afternoon dreamtimes.

More realistically, I sincerely hope I am not the only one who wages war against the twenty-four day. I constantly study my planner, looking for some relatively normal, predictable pattern around which I could plan and manage my days. I see nothing. I confess I once even tried a graphing tool to illustrate my time management in some comprehensible way; I thought maybe wavy lines in different colors might help me. I got nothing. Because I work “on assignment,” and because, following conscience’s dictates and the requirements of my own self-esteem, I have devoted myself to my family, everyone naturally assumes I always am available for whatever comes-up. I live in a micro-universe where things just happen. And, if you promise not to disclose my most precious secret, I very confidentially will disclose that the random, thoroughly unexpected stuff often stands-out as the very best. Of course, in a life determined by serendipity, when something must give, I give-up sleep; I abandon all regard for time, sun, and moon phase; I just go for it.

Natural consequence? I love, honor, and cherish my nap times. I would pledge my troth to my nap times. I would nap professionally if someone would organize a league. The cat knows her place in the nap time configuration, and the dog knows his. We assume our positions and promptly fall deeply, delectably into sleep. The rich fragrances of bergamot, wild Hawaiian wedding flower, ruby red grapefruit, and mimosa absolutely, positively guarantee I will sleep quickly, peacefully, profoundly, and just plain well. Without aromatherapy pillow spray, nap time still would seem “nice.” With aromatherapy pillow spray, however, nap time seems sweeter than the best-ever chocolate mousse.

Bedtime at last.

Aromatherapy pillow spray, of course, represents one half, maybe the best half, of a two-piece set. Linen spray comes as the matching second half in the make-your-bed-smell-terrific duo. In truth, one spray could perform both functions, but I vary the ingredients just a little, and I vary the concentrations, too. My nap time aromatherapy pillow spray comes out exclusively for nap time, because I am selfish that way, and especially because I want to maintain its specialness. In the bedtime aromatherapy linen spray, I mix generous amounts of chamomile, lavender, and rosemary with just the slightest hint of vanilla. I always feel tickled when my husband says our bed smells so fresh and “innocent”-we love the irony of it. In the bedtime aromatherapy pillow spray, I increase the chamomile and lavender, delete the vanilla, and infuse citrusy-rich bergamot. It works every time…when I actually get a more or less “normal” bedtime.

Ah, delectable, delightful, slightly decadent dreams.

I feel absolutely certain bergamot in my aromatherapy pillow spray guarantees the quality of my dreams. Not really one of the most psychoactive essential oils, bergamot does win the experts’ nod for “uplifting spirits.” I personally believe it is under-rated. Although I have my fair share of scary dreams-boogey men coming to turn-off my internet and prohibit my nap time – my dreams always end happily. I always prevail, and ride off into the sunset with my prince charming, who looks vaguely like my husband, I guess. When the experts describe bergamot as “uplifting,” I smile wryly, thinking they have no idea. They really have no idea.

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