Advent of “Metro-sexual Man” in India

Indian men are known to be tall, dark and handsome. Indian girls have always loved the tough looks of men. Men have also been quite aggressive in showing off their natural manly nature. I am sure that it is not uncommon for a man to be complaining about the various creams, perfumes and make up women use. However, now things are evolving the other way round. Today we can see many men going in for cosmetics, creams and other beauty treatments that previously would be reserved only for women.

This type of men who are very conscious about their looks and do everything possible from using perfumes to beauty products to designer wear to dress themselves up are known as metro-sexual men. Traditionally women, especially Indian women have known to be attracted to rough and natural looking men. The transition of the age old rugged styled men into a metro-sexual piece of art is weighing heavy on many Indian women. Though many have kind of embraced this change, there are many who still would prefer the manly look over the made up look.

Men on the other hand seem to be getting into this fashion welcomingly. The passion about cars, bikes and gadgets have now turned into obsession about clothes, grooming, accessories, beauty treatments and clean looks. Men argue that when women have gone past the traditional outlook and habits, why not men? In general lot of lifestyle changes are being witnessed across the globe. When all these changes are being accepted why not this transition? May be it is all in the mind. We Indians tend to have a mindset which equates a certain qualities to men and any distortions to this picture seems to trouble us.

Though the metro-sexual men are being accepted in a rather slow rate, there are people who like this change too. Many women are happy for one main thing – they can be with clean men who smell good because of their perfumes. There are many open minded women who accept this change as far as they are happy with the guy. You may find that many girls find metro-sexual men interesting since they have many common topics related to beauty, perfume and cosmetics to talk. The clean shaved, well groomed and fashionable dressed men are an eye candy for many young women.

With the advent of metro-sexual man concept into the Indian society, you can see a lot of commercialization happening in the light of this change. There are many products now that are specially targeted for maintaining men’s beauty. You can find creams, cosmetics and perfumes for men. Many celebrities also endorse such products and sport a metro-sexual look very often. This attracts a lot of people to follow this fashion. Other than products such as perfumes for men, you can also find spas and saloons that render beauty services to men.

With all these supportive changes, the concept of metro-sexual man is here to stay in India for a long while.

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