A Manual of Acupuncture

A Manual of Acupuncture
  • Introductory chapters on the channels and collaterals, point categories, point selection methods, point location and needling
  • Over 400 illustrations & text descriptions of all points and primary, extraordinary, divergent, luo-connecting & sinew channels
  • The most exacting and accurate anatomical point locations yet published in any English text with practical point location notes to assist in easy location
  • Point actions to aid the understanding and memorization of each point’s principal qualities
  • Substantial commentaries detailing the principal historical & modern applications of points, drawing on classical & modern texts and the extensive clinical experience of the authors
Once in a great while an extraordinary book is published that sets an entirely new standard in its field. A Manual of Acupuncture, published by Journal of Chinese Medicine Publications, is just such a book. Painstakingly researched over many years by Peter Deadman, editor-in-chief of The Journal of Chinese Medicine, and colleagues Mazin Al-Khafaji and Kevin Baker, this book has become the primary reference in the West for the study of acupuncture points and channels. With the subtle use of color to illustrate the acupuncture points and anatomical features, the new second edition of A Manual of Acupuncture is even more attractive and user-friendly than the first. Introductory chapters describe and illustrate the channels and collaterals, t

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