Top Tips to Prevent Colds and the Flu This Season
First and foremost getting a flu shot is one of your best defenses against the influenza virus, however, not complete defense. Many people are naturally hesistant to get immunizations, most often it is the needle that causes the most anxiety. The way the immunization works is by introducing a minute amount of the viral protein into your body to stimulate your own immune system to develop antibodies, or cells, which fight the viral infection.

The most common question is; “can I catch the flu from the immunization?” the answer is absolutely not, why? The immunization consist of a dead and inert substance. Occasionally people who are sensitive or have a compromised immune system may have mild flu-like syptoms. This is not the flu but rather you own bodies inflammatory response, your defenses, being activated to produce special cells (antibodies) to protect you from infection.

Nobody but nobody wants to catch a cold or, even worse, the flu. Neither of those illnesses are fun. With so many individuals being busy multi-tasking, raising families, and working, it is no wonder that there is not enough time to be proactive.

However, being proactive when it comes to your health is an essential part of being healthy in the end. Being proactive can mean the difference between missed days of work, missed days of school, and making everyone else in your home or workplace sick as well.

Making Time to Be Proactive There are many ways to avoid the flu or a cold. One of the most important is to set it as a priority. You absolutely need to make the time to be proactive when it comes to your health. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, leafy greens are high in disease fighting properties, citrus fruits, lots of water and if you are on a bust schedule regularly take a multi-vitamin and even add extra vitamin C. With technology abundant in our lives today, there is no reason why we cannot set a reminder, or use an app to help us along the way.

Common Sense for the Common Cold There are many ways to keep the common cold at bay, but the most important is hand washing. Immediately after coming home from a public place, you should wash your hands. Using paper towels instead of regular towels, and carrying hand wipes or anti-bacterial wash in your purse and car are excellent ideas as well. The Foods You Eat If the seasons are changing and wintertime is upon you, then it is imperative to pay attention to the foods you eat. Foods that are higher in vitamin C are your best bet. Adding more fruits and vegetables such as oranges and broccoli are essential for a healthy immune system.

Antioxidants found in strawberries and kale as well as kiwi and cauliflower are perfect foods to stave off wintertime colds and flus.

Staying Hydrated While staying hydrated is important for every season, it is particularly true in the winter season. In winter, heat comes on, dries out nasal passages, and leaves our mouths and throats dry. This is an open invitation to germs to settle in for a long winter’s nap.

Keeping hydrated in the winter is easy because there are so many warm and tasty teas on the market, or you can brew up your own. You can even brew tea using herbs such as mint that you have grown in your own garden.

Water is essential during the heat of the summer, but also in the dead of winter. Wintertime comes with drier, colder temperatures and drier skin to boot. Drinking plenty of water, flavored or otherwise, is essential to keeping colds and flus away.

As you can see, a little bit of prevention goes a long way in staving off colds and the flu. 468-80-amrita-products
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